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Dandy Bicycle carrier is a revolutionary product enabling you to carry your child in the front of you while riding. This gives comfort you will not get with any other baby carrier, and is way safer for you child than carriers based in the back. If you are looking for biycles then checkout best bicycles in India here.

This safe baby carrier can be attached to any standard bicycle! What you get is a very stable 3-wheeled cycle.

This approach is more safe than baby carriers in attached to the back because you can always see your child and your bicycle becomes a 3 wheeled cycle which is more stable, especially on slippery surfaces, bringing even more safety for your child.

Also, carriers attached to the back tend to get all the road dirt from rear wheel. This will not happen with Dandy baby carriers.

Model Dandy JOY has extra front wheel and can be used separately as a stroller while detached! We also offer a larger 16″ front wheel so you can use detached stroller for in-line skating.

Product Details and Specifications

Models Dandy JOY and Dandy JET are offered. Both models:

  • offer enhanced security for your child
  • can be easily attached to any standard-type bicycle with 26″ – 28″ wheels
  • have strong drum brakes

Dandy JOY has a folding front wheel and can be used separately as a stroller when detached from the bicycle. This means that you don’t need to buy extra stroller for your child, saving both space and money. We also offer a 16″ front wheel enabling you to use Dandy JOY for in-line skating.

Parameters / Specifications

  • Capacity: one child up to 60 lbs. Parent up to 190 lbs
  • Turning radius: 7.5 feet  (when attached to a bicycle)
  • Wheels:  2x 20″ aluminium rim
  • Breaking: 2x solid drum breaks
  • Carrier is fully waterproof
  • (Dandy JOY only) front wheel: 8″  folding or 16″ to be used for in-line skating
  • Dimensions: width 29″, height 35″, length 48″ (33″ without tricycle junction, 58″ with 16″ front wheel)
  • Shipping box dimensions:  width 27″, height 14″, length 48″
  • Interior dimensions: seat 16.5″, around shoulders 18″, height 26″ (seat to roof), length: 23.5″
  • can be easily attached to any standard-type bicycle with 26″ – 28″ wheels

Firstly, How Are You Going To Make Use Of Your Electrical Bike?

When selecting to make an electrical cycle employing a conversion kit, it is vital to think about the start line, that’s what sort of cycle are you going to convert? While most kits will fit on any bike, some bikes make better electrical bikes than others. Most importantly, how are you going to make use of your electrical bike? If you’re planning to use it for commuting, then you would like a bike that’s cosy to ride, permits you a good relaxed posture and has fenders and chain guards to guard you from splashes and mud. 5-10 speeds max. You don’t need lots of gearing. You can set the costs according to different motors and batteries.

Pre-sale services When possible customers are shopping in your store, you want to seize the chance to introduce your electrical cycles. Some buyers might not know which electrical cycle to pick, at this time if you go forward and introduce some top selling bikes, these shoppers may make up their minds and purchase electrical cycles. After-sale services Good and pro after-sale services are obligatory and can make a great impression on purchasers. There are basic kits which will get the job done of giving you that additional power and aiding those with any type of wounds that hinder them from having the ability to ride uphill or long distances. Be certain to ask the electrical bike company whether or not their kits can fit on any kind of bike.

The majority of these kits have a 200W motor and should feature a lithium based battery. Additionally, you need to ensure that they’re covered by at least a one year guarantee. These were the kind of tandem cycles that were at first developed but failed to gain that much celebrity and attention. Most electrical bike conversion kits have a : Wheel with Heart Motor A Lithium-based battery that may fit on any bike A front LED Headlight Battery and controller mounted in the rear saddle A pedal aid sensor Hand twist throttle An indicator gauge for battery power A plug in charger This is all that you need to change your bike to a new electrical help power bike.

Their default design was their unique selling point as that were demonstrated to be moving with a bigger speed. Later on and sadly, these bikes were excluded from the global racing in the year 1934. In the 20th century, it was this recumbent bike made a land speed record. Instead of screaming out ‘on your left’ or ‘on your right’. This also works superbly when passing up other bikers who may not hear you scream out.