Vacuum Cleaners Guide

Choosing the Right Royal Vacuum Cleaner

The Royal vacuum cleaner range offers high quality machines with lots of quality and useful features. Here we will look at a few of the most popular models.

The Royal Vacuum Eminence series of upright vacuum cleaners, model shown above. These cleaners have all the features you would expect from a top of the range upright vacuum cleaner. These are Hepa filter vacuum models, meaning that when you clean your floor 99.97% of the dust collected stays in the Royal vacuum bag. Since hundreds of best vacuum cleaners in the market available, how to find the right vacumm cleaners is a daunting task.

The cleaners in this range come with a strong headlight, an indicator which shows when the bag is full and attachments for things such as bare floor cleaning. The cord is 35 ft long and you can expect between a 3 and 5 year warranty and the Royal vacuum part online availability is good if you ever need to replace or upgrade something.. You can also find top vacuum vacuum cleaners in India here.

If there are a couple of factors which might put some consumers off this range then these would be the “classic look of the vacuums – some people prefer a modern look – and the fact they are somewhat heavy.

These models weight over 20 lbs, which is around 10 kilos, making them a bit tough for some home owners to use on stairs or to carry from one place to another. The smooth push action means that using them won’t be a problem, however.

The Centralized Cleaning Option

There are also central vac systems, which are a simple if fairly expensive of keeping you house clean and of doing the cleaning quickly and without mess. With this system you have sockets throughout the house where you plug in your brush.

The power is given by a central unit – which is often kept in a garage or basement in order to avoid noise in the property, although modern machines are quieter than ever before.  The Royal vacuum cleaners for this kind of centralized system include models for different sizes of properties and different capacities of dirt collection units.

The Range of Panasonic Vacuum Models

Panasonic vacuum cleaners are among the most popular models on sale in many parts of the world. They offer hand held, canister and upright vacuum designs and the one you choose will largely depend on how and where you plan to use it.  In this article we will have a look at each of these different types of cleaner.

Upright Panasonic vacuum model. This is really regarded the most conventional type of vacuum cleaning device and it is useful in a wide range of situations. One option is the JetSpin Cyclone Pet-Friendly Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner, which costs around $250 and is pictured at the top of the article. It comes with a switch for simply switching to bare floor cleaning and has a nice range of accessories, making it an excellent choice of pet vacuum.

A good choice of canister style vacuum cleaner is the MC-CG467 Panasonic Vacuum Canister with “Turbo Brush” Nozzle, which is pictured at the bottom of the article. A time saving feature is the fact that the vacuum accessories can be conveniently stored in the canister itself.

The host has a 360 degree swivel action and includes a multi surface brush which lets you clean different types  of floors without having to put on a different type of brush. The model comes with a 17 foot cord and is nice and light, so carrying it about from room to room or up the stairs shouldn’t be a problem.

The Hand Held Option

Panasonic Vacuum Cleaner Cordless Hand Held.  This model is a light and easy to store little hand held vacuum which is excellent for cleaning out the car or for tidying up little amount of dirt in a very quick manner. Like most similar models, it isn’t the most powerful vacuum in the world but has enough power to sort out the kind of problems which it is designed to deal with.

Some Swiffer Vacuum Style Products

The popular Swiffer vacuum and floor cleaning product range brings a revolutionary touch to household vacuum cleaning. A starter pack is pictured at the side of the article and costs around $20 with current online offers, although you will also have ongoing costs for refills. The different models are as follows, followed by a vacuum comparison

with the H20 design:

Swiffer WetJet. This is a power mop type of cleaner whereby you need the mop, a pad and the WetJet Solvent cleaner. Once you switch it on it sprays the solvent cleaner onto the floor and then cleans it off with the pad. The pad and bottle of solvent are replaceable while the scrubbing stripwhich is used for cleaning tough strains is washable.

Swiffer Sweeper-VAC. This Swiffer vacuum style cleaner is of the type of cleaner known as a power sweeper. You need a filter as well as a dry cloth. Once you switch it on it cleans like a vacuum cleaner. The cloth is replaceable, as are the filters, while the dust collection unit needs to be emptied after use.

The H20 Vacuum Model

Another interesting type of home cleaning product is the H2O vacuum cleaner which uses water as its filtration system. It comes with a fairly powerful motor and has received excellent vacuum reviews for both the power and ease of use it offers. The model which is pictured at the side of this article costs around $100 when purchased from online vendors, making it a bit more expensive than Swiffer models, although you need to buy less replacement pieces once the ones which come with the machine are worn out.