Best slow cooker reviews

So happy you discovered my best slow cooker reviews site… reviewing the great small slow cookers, top rated triple slow cookers and programmable slow cookers with timer. If you are anything like me, then I know at some point in your life you have wrestled with figuring out just which product is the right. If you want to buy great quality slow cookers in India then checkout here.

When it comes to getting a small slow cooker might be best for me while a programmable slow cooker with timer might be right for someone else. Besides, I’m always getting tied up in the details, then I get info overload.

Well… that is where I can help! It took me a while to figure this out. But, with experience I’ve been able to uncover the top products out there. After all, that’s what I do for a living- find great products that exactly fit the bill.

If you are ready for a solution to the way to wade through all the dozens of slow cookers out there, I truly would want to motivate you keep on reading because my research can save a lot of time, time you probably don’t have anyway, plus I have done all the hard work so you don’t have to worry that you’re over overlooking some important information or missing the lowest price. Yep, I got that covered too.

The the slow cooker reviews I’ve posted are the results of my honest research on tons of slow cookers, programmable ones, ones with timers, small ones, stainless steel crock pots, you name it, if it’s a slow cooker or crock pot, I’ve read about it.

In the upcoming posts I’m sharing my discoveries, the concerns, what stuff failed to make the grade and then the simple truth that helped me triumph over my personal goal of finding the top slow cooker to fit your needs.

I asked when I went looking for the small slow cooker, questions like which slow cooker with timer is the best deal for the money, and how to spot a great value on a triple slow cooker. As you read on, I’ll even tell you how I figured out just what “best” means for each slow cooker I review.

Before going into any further in this discussion let me just give you a quick intro to slow cookers, just in case you are new to them. Well, a slow cooker, also know as a crock pot, is an electricity operated countertop cooking appliance which is mainly used for simmering.

A slow cooker allows you to maintain a steady low temperature compared to other conventional cooking methods like frying, boiling or baking. This low temp process lets you prepare high quality slow cooker meals without all the attention required for baking, boiling or frying.

But before you go online to purchase such appliances, it is recommended to go through my slow cooker reviews for proper guidance in selecting the best crock pot for you.

The positive impact of the slow cooker reviews:

  • You can easily take out your slow cooked food while you are planning for a trip or long drive. You can get your food hot and freshly served whenever you want it to.
  • The easy to handle unique locking gasket makes sure that the food is not going to split up during the jerking of your vehicle while travelling.
  • The crock pot slow cooker is just ideal for your every slow cooking recipe. The six quart big capacity utensil is capable of storing enough food for at least 7 people or even more.
  • The awesome technology of countdown digital control allows you to set the desired cooking time up as per your convenience. The time can be set in both low and high temperature mode in an increment of thirty minutes.
  • After setting up the required cook time, the countdown timer starts ticking down so that you know the exact amount of time left for you to utilize in other works.
  • When the cook time is up, the slow cookers with timer automatically gets into the mode of warm setting. This make sure that your favourite slow cooker meals always remain set in the desired temperature until gets served.
  • Last but not the least, a good slow cooker can be cleaned like a breeze. All you have to do is to unplug it after using and give some time to make it become cool.

How can slow cooker prove disadvantageous?

Where there are advantages, you are surely to come across disadvantages as well. Even the slow cooker you purchase will have some kinds of disadvantages. When the veggies are being cooked at high temperatures i.e. below the boiling point, veggies have the tendency to lose their nutrients. However, this can be reduced to the degree by keeping the lid on the cooker till the meal is prepared.

Another big disadvantage of preparing meals even in the most of the slow cookers is they take good time to get prepared when added ingredients. If the food is kept to cool down at less than 158°F and is not reheated then the growth of dangerous bacteria is probable. Few bacteria generate spores or toxins that cannot be damaged by reheating. Read the slow cooker reviews to know more about the topic.

Price of slow cookers:

The price of a top-notch slow cooker will depend on several factors like the following:

  • Brand Name
  • Features
  • Model and lots more

So, what you have to do is make a comparison among the top brands. Not only should you know about their specifications but also information to choose the right model. You can further gothrough the slow cooker reviews and then choose one according to your choice.

Accessories of the small slow cooker

The accessories of the small slow cooker include the following:

  • Liners
  • Travel Bag
  • Cooking Rack
  • Glass Lid
  • Thermostat
  • Gasket

Along with these, you will get a user manual, recipe book and warranty card.

Review of Crock-Pot SCCPVL610-S Programmable Cook and Carry Oval Slow Cooker

Among the slow cooker reviews, this is also an ideal option. It possesses some great features that have earned the slow cooker good consumer ratings i.e. 4 out of 5. Isn’t this great? The core features of crock pot slow cooker are as follows:

  • The large capacity of 6 quart is more than enough for seven people or even more. A 6 lb roast would be a perfect fit in the container.
  • Featuring easy to handle locking lid with lid gasket to ensure extra seal while you are travelling
  • Unique slow cookers with timer comes with digital programmable control facility that allows you to program and set the slow cooking time from half an hour to twenty hours.
  • Once the time of cooking gets completed, it automatically shifts into the warm setting mode
  • Removable oval shaped stoneware which is stylish and elegant looking for a table

Consider the dimensions of this product are 15 X 10 X 15.2 inches with a weight of 8 pounds.