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Welcome To Schwinn Exercise Bikes Guide

A Safe Exercise Machine For Your Long Term Health And Fitness Goals

What you are going to learn here is not only the reviews about this brand of exercise bikes, but also some cool tips and workout routines you can perform on your own exercise bike.

So what is Schwinn Exercise Bike really?

I believe, as a personal fitness trainer and martial arts instructor, that this is far the best exercise machine that will help you to improve your cardio health, burn extra amounts of calories and fat, while building strength and lean muscle mass. The best part about this is that you can hop in on your Schwinn Exercise Bike at the comfort of your own home. Just check store for some great deals on these bikes.

Types of Schwinn Exercise Bikes

There are a lot of different kind of these bikes, but to make your selection very simple, lets put them int these groups:

Upright Schwinn Exercise Bike

This type of bike is very much the same like your traditional bike. You can train your core muscles and stabilizators of your body. That can help you to improve your posture and also you will be less likely to injure your muscles when in dealing with strenuous challenges.

Indoor Cycling Schwinn Exercise Bike

This type of exercise bike will have you experience any cycling exercise bike that you might have tried in your local gym. The best use for this machine is when you decide to go for high octane cardio workout.

Recumbent Schwinn Exercise Bike

Recumbent bike is for those, who love to workout in relaxed position and lower back support. I see its best use for women in early pregnancy or after, people with back injuries, older generation etc…

Airdyne Schwinn Exercise Bike

Airdyne bike is another type of the Schwinn family of machines. It is offering a great resistance in your work out sessious. So it would be the best for use as a real strenght builder. I love about this one that it truly give you great workout for both – the upper body and lower body as well.

As you can see, with Schwinn exercise bikes, you can improve your muscle tone, lungs, heart muscle, burn fat like never before and when you start eating healthy – you will be well on your way to a more fit, new You.


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